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ZAR ZIP FLY ZORO - the first layer

ZAR ZIP FLY ZORO - the first layer

ZAR ZIP FLY ZORO - Hardcover Book
142 pages / german or english / 215 × 150 mm
ISBN: 978-3-9818713-1-9

It is 1983 in Munich, the walls are gray and bare, marked only by a few political slogans and the odd declaration of love. Then, suddenly, abstract sign language, peculiar characters and cryptic combinations of letters begin to appear, their meaning a puzzle to all who chance upon them. The pieces begin to spread across the city and mark the start of the graffiti movement in Germany and throughout Europe. The photographic archives of attorney Konrad Kittl and Anthropology academic Peter Kreuzer reveal the first layer of graffiti in Munich: experiments with color and form, unprecedented and free from rules or preconceptions.
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